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Kareena Kapoor Khan Advocates for DRS – Dentist Review System

MUMBAI, India, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a world where first impressions are crucial, a confident, radiant smile can make all the difference. It’s a powerful tool that conveys acceptance, assertiveness, happiness, gratitude, and relief. This is where Illusion Aligners plays its part with its ability to straighten teeth effectively. It can restore confidence and give someone suffering from teeth alignment issues an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

As the brand ambassador for Illusion Aligners, the evergreen diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan shares some valuable advice for those considering aligner treatment. She cleverly compares Dentists to the ‘3rd Umpire’ or ‘DRS’ in the smile game, where DRS stands for Dentist Review System. The brand ambassador underscores the crucial role of dentists in the aligner treatment process, highlighting the importance of their consultation before starting any teeth straightening treatment. These advisory words of the brand ambassador come as a precaution to refrain from trying on aligner treatment with non-dentists and DIY Aligner Kits.

Illusion Aligners offers clear aligner treatment by using cutting-edge technology. It is not just a trend but a trusted choice for orthodontic treatment. Dentists worldwide are turning to these aligners, which are made with advanced technology and designed to suit patients’ modern needs. Their transparent and discreet design is not just a fashion statement but one of the reasons for their growing popularity among dentists and patients, making them a smart choice for orthodontic needs.

These modern-day Aligners have transformed orthodontic treatment. Nevertheless, they have successfully outdated the awkward look of metal wires and the pain and discomfort associated with them. However, it is equally essential to get aligner treatment in the right way. Acquiring Dental Aligners in the comfort of your home without getting a dentist’s diagnosis and their consistent examination could harm one’s oral health

Illusion Aligners has voiced their concern through this video of their brand ambassador as a piece of educatory advice when looking for teeth straightening solutions with modern aligners. They have always emphasized reaching out to a Dentist for Illusion Aligners. A Dental Check-up is crucial at every step of receiving the orthodontic treatment. It also ensures that the patients are well-suited to receiving the aligner treatment and have healthy oral health before commencing the treatment.

Illusion Aligners is a trusted brand among Dentists, with in-house orthodontists meticulously designing them to ensure a safe and effective outcome. Illusion Aligners is US FDA Certified and crafted using advanced computer-aided software, offering customized solutions for one’s orthodontic needs. Further, they provide a lot of additional information on their website and social media pages to help patients obtain Clear Aligner treatment in the right way.

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