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Illusion Aligners FLX – 3X Faster, Flexible and Comfortable

MUMBAI, India, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The word ‘Illusion Aligners’ is familiar to the dental world now. They have been doing something unique and revolutionary in terms of service and products and making a quirky move parallel to the generation. Last year, they celebrated the accomplishment of 5 Lac aligners, and now they are here with another product launch, with triple the revolution and innovation.

Illusion Aligners FLX, powered by iTRACK, is the latest and most innovative product launched earlier this year after the company witnessed the grand success of products like Illusion Aligners PRO and Illusion Aligners Aesthetic. However, FLX caught the attention of dental fraternities due to the introduction of a triple-layered material, iTRACK, that’s almost three times more efficient and reliable in terms of assuring results. It’s been a while since such revolutionary material was launched in the aligner industry. Illusion Aligners created a win-win situation by tapping concerns like the need for multitasking material, which works like magic on teeth.


Scientifically speaking, they have mentioned their material as innovative, intuitive and intelligent. That means the material iTRACK is unique, self-capable and smart enough to do its tasks effortlessly. FLX is termed because of the ultra-flexible nature of the material. They claim to have bestowed iTRACK with a 150% shape memory effect, letting it fit on the teeth like gloves, irrespective of time duration and frequency of wearing and removing the aligners. FLX exhibits high-end features like maximum patient comfort because of its sandwiched layers and self-dependent material. It has a perfect blend of rigidity and softness that works flawlessly without getting cracked or chipped by external forces, like oral acid or highly irregular teeth arrangement. Illusion Aligners FLX mainly targets millennials and Gen Z and thus tries to increase their reach through ideas that relate to these two generations.

Illusion Aligners’ approach has always been to spread healthy smiles worldwide, and here is one more initiative toward the same. FLX was launched in the month of April 2023 in a very unique way. A special video was launched where various yoga poses were shown, and each move was connected to a special product feature. How amazing this creativity was. Who would have thought dental aligners could be related to yoga in such a creative and interesting way?


International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June to mark fitness, health, and flexibility, and Illusion Aligners FLX also aims to provide more flexibility to achieve healthy and shiny smiles. As yoga is known to tone and shape the body to perfection by aligning the mind, body, and soul, Illusion Aligners FLX aligns crooked and gapped teeth to perfection with the power of 3x speed. These invisible Aligners are flexible enough to perform any movement by being strong and gentle at the same time. They can be removed before one eats, unlike metal braces. The most exciting feature is that a dream smile can be achieved without anyone knowing that one has worn aligners, because they are ultra-clear, and stain and crack resistant.

Team Illusion is back in action to make the most out of the day. They have already started their BFF campaign, which is gaining popularity on Instagram. They are making best friends point out each other’s pros and cons, and turning the conversation towards having a beautiful smile. Who would not want their BFF to have the world’s best smile? Similarly, they will also have a YOGA campaign involving Gen Z to make a move and come forward to FLX their flexibility and confidence.


While the renowned Kareena Kapoor Khan stands as the company’s brand ambassador, they justify the brand’s image by making it as top-notch, promising and beautiful as her. Making dentists and their patients happy is the simplest motto they follow.

Illusion Aligners know how to present their products and connect them to one’s daily routine, whether yoga or having a small conversation with BFFs.

Wear it, Align it, FLX it!

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