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5 Health conditions your dentist can detect

Health conditions your dentist can detect

Oral health: A window to your overall health.

Neglected oral health leads to fear of dental visits when problems worsen. Prioritize oral care for better well-being.

Apart from regular check-ups, dentists can detect various health issues by examining your mouth.

Read on to find out about 5 such health conditions which affect your oral health too:

1. Diabetes

Bleeding, receding, dry gums, dry mouth, wiggly teeth, chronic bad breath, and slow healing may indicate diabetes. Dentists recognize these signs and prescribe tests to see if other risk factors like high blood sugar content are involved.

2. Oral cancer

Early signs of oral cancer caused by HPV include white and red lesions on the tongue, mouth floor, and soft palate. Early detection of these signs, combined with risk factors like smoking and alcohol use, allows for more effective oral cancer treatment.

3. Crohn’s disease

It is an inflammatory bowel disorder, that develops lesions in the mouth along with abdominal symptoms such as cramps and diarrhea.
Swollen lips and canker sore-like ulcers in your mouth can indicate gastrointestinal disorders often mistaken for acidity.

4. Anemia

Signs of anemia that show up in our mouths are a smooth tongue with lesser of the regular papillae (the bumps which work as our taste buds), and a paler pink lining on the inside of the cheeks. Undetected anemia causes associated diseases and overall body weakness, emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment.

5. Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Stomach acid pH lower than vinegar, i.e. 5.5 or less can dissolve our tooth enamel, and cause erosive lesions near the back of the mouth. People with GERD have these symptoms along with a generally accompanying heartburn, as the acid pushes itself back through the esophagus and reaches the mouth. Keeping up with your dentist can put a check on this disease too.

Maintain Oral Health :

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